Ice Dams and Water Damage

Ice Dams: more than just a damaged roof

March 2, 2014

An ice dam is caused by the buildup of ice at the edge of the roof, typically at and around the gutter. Water from melting ice and snow then backs up the roof behind this dam, rather than draining as intended.

As ice backs up the roof, it can physically lift shingles, allowing water to penetrate into the house, damaging insulation, wood structures, drywall, attic contents etc.

Remove Ice Dams to avoid expensive water damage!

The simplest way to avoid damage from ice dams is to have them removed. And please, unless you know what you’re doing, consider hiring a professional company with ice dam removal experience (and liability coverage)! Such a company will have the proper equipment to safely and effectively remove the dam without damaging the roof.

If you’ve already had a leak due to Ice Dams or burst pipes:

Call UDECON! We’ll check the area to assess the damage and remove any damaged building materials and insulation, and perform a dry-out so that mold doesn’t have a chance to develop. Check out our list of services at, including dry out of wet stuctures, mold removal and remediation, and much more!

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