Commercial / Office Decontamination

The UDECON process saves valuable resources while making your facility safe.

UDECON is a leading provider of toxic mold decontamination and remediation services. We utilize patented technologies and formulas.

When Utilizing the UDECON™ Process, UDECON service providers can save their conventional remediation clients up to 60% of remediation costs... and thousands more in relocation and lost production expenses while minimizing the health risks associated with asthma and respiratory mold related illnesses. As Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Sick Building Syndrome issues threaten the health of American workers, families, and students, UDECON is leading the way in delivering safe, effective, and affordable solutions to all levels of the American market. As indoor air quality related litigation threatens American businesses, municipalities, and school systems, UDECON's focus on the merging of effective technology with expertise in insurance and legal matters gives us a competitive edge in a growing industry. Quite often, adding UDECON's process to your remediation plan reduces costly and time consuming steps, including:

  • The placement of time consuming containment barriers
  • The need for negative air machines
  • The need for air scrubbers
  • Off-site contents decontamination
  • Double bagging of hazardous waste materials
  • The use of hazardous chemicals

The UDECON process saves valuable resources while making your facility safe -- you can restore a healthy environment within hours, limiting expensive relocation costs. Sanitize your building of all unseen viral and chemical contaminates Eliminate IAQ related absenteeism Limit litigation exposure by providing a proactive solution.  

Independent laboratories have verified that our non-toxic formulation neutralizes chemical contaminants, including mycotoxins. The formula penetrates the cell wall and denatures organic material, thus eliminating all reproductive and allergenic properties. Services provided by UDECON Certified Decontamination & Sanitizing Professionals include:

  • Contents Decontamination & Deodorizing
  • Building interior Cleaning
  • Sanitizing

UDECON can restore your valuable business and personal property with fast, experienced, reliable personnel, and efficient and proven procedures.