The Owners of UDECON Truly Care

 Steve Null 


"I've been involved in construction and construction management for more than 30 years and I bring that experience to every UDECON project. Our approach focuses on diagnosing and fixing problems at the source. I'm a family man and no UDECON project is complete until I'm satisfied that any member of my family could safely live, work, or play in the area that we have just decontaminated - it's that simple for me." 




 Renwick Brutus


“It may seem odd that in addition to his successful business development and wealth management companies, Renwick is also the owner of UDECON, LLC. If you ask him why, he stresses that he would have nothing without his health. There was a time in his life when his health was compromised due to air quality, allergens, pollutants, and environmental issues. 

"Effectively managing air quality and environmental issues improved my life. I'm ultimately grateful and passionate about providing a solution for others who may be silently and unknowingly suffering."