School Decontamination

UDECON excels at developing air quality management programs for schools.

  • Decrease Absenteeism
  • Provide Legal Protection: Proactive vs. Neglect 

UDECON excels at developing air quality management programs for schools. We specialize in programs for those at high risk of litigation. UDECON has developed strategic partnerships with individuals and companies who believe in uncompromising integrity within the indoor air quality industry. 

We develop air quality management programs which provide a safe environment and support fiscal responsibility. UDECON’s unique application of patented, state-of-the-art technologies provides a comprehensive, environmentally safe, non-toxic response to mold and mold-related by-products (i.e. mycotoxins) and ensure true indoor air quality management. Our experts also provide proactive litigation preparedness, insurance evaluation, and strategic planning that stays "ahead of the curve". UDECON stays abreast of the latest technology advances, products and processes, and also the most current legal and insurance issues. 

But first and foremost, we strive to provide safe, healthy, and productive learning environments for students, faculty and staff. The experts at UDECON can help you by:

  • reducing absenteeism of students and staff by maintaining healthy air quality levels
  • reducing the possibility of school closings and temporary relocation due to unsafe conditions
  • avoiding community anger and resentment due to unsafe conditions for our children
  • avoiding negative publicity
  • reducing liability concerns

 UDECON will provide honest, current information and will always use the latest state-of-the-art environmental equipment and the most current detection, inspection, testing, prevention and remediation methods. 

UDECON Air Quality Management School Program: 

  • Diagnose Existing School Problems
  • Diagnose Potential IAQ Problems
  • Develop an IAQ Profile
  • Develop an Incident Reporting System
  • Provide Maintenance Staff Training Program
  • Mitigate IAQ Problems
  • Reduce Downtime through daily monitoring
  • Forecast IAQ Budget Items
  • Improve Productivity

Features and Benefits:

  • Inspect and inventory HVAC systems, inventory pollutant pathways & sources, diagnose existing and Potential IAQ Problems
  • Collect and Review Existing Records
  • Identify IAQ Problem Indicators
  • Educate & Train Building Personnel
  • Establish a Health and Safety Management Team
  • Establish proper documentation and record keeping
  • Short-term and Long-term IAQ Budgeting